Solar Panel Installation At Olympia High School


Solar energy is an increasingly used option for both business owners and homeowners who want to help the environment but still have access to the power they need. Porter Electric installs solar electric systems for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Peoria and SpringfieldIL and surrounding areas. We are licensed, bonded, and insured solar installers and have the skills and equipment necessary to complete a safe solar installation for your home or business.


Environmentally Friendly and Cost Efficient Power

Solar panels allow you to become greener and see a return on your investment! Solar electric harnesses the natural energy of the sun and can save you money on your electric cost. Not only can solar panels save you money they can also increase the value of your property.


Why Invest in Solar Panels?

Solar panels might seem like a large investment now, but they are beneficial in many ways. Solar panels offer:

  • Renewable energy: No more worrying about finite resources or occasional blackouts. Instead, solar panels get all their power from an infinite source: the sun.

  • Quick ROIs: The initial installation and continual maintenance fees might require upfront pricing. However, the freedom from municipal power and payment from incentive programs and tax credits ensures that you’ll get a quick ROI and long-term savings.

  • Various usages: While many people use their solar power solely for electricity, others may use it to heat their homes. There are many possibilities with solar power.

  • Increased home value: If you plan to sell in the future, a solar system can be a big selling point and increase your home’s value as a result.

$0 down financing

Illinois Commerce Commission Distributed Generation Installer Certified

Years of experience in the renewable energy industry

Detailed breakdown of payback periods

Local and Skilled craftsman with years of trade school and on the job training

High efficiency tier 1 solar modules

Licensed, Bonded, Insured


Drones and 3-D Imaging

With satellite imaging, drone footage, and leading-edge software, our solar design team can create a unique array that best suits your personal energy consumption needs.


Tax Credit Information

We are also well versed in 2020 incentive programs. Whether it is Federal tax credits, Illinois SRECs, accelerated cost recovery, or net-metering you can rest easy knowing your solar array designed by us will capture every single one of them available to you






1. Estimate

After speaking to Shane Helle, the Solar Division Manager, he will visit your property to do an on-site inspection with his drone. Shane is a licensed drone pilot, and will inspect your property and capture as many


2. Design

After taking footage with his drone, Shane will then design a 3-D model of your property.

photos and videos as needed to provide himself with the information to arrange a solar energy system that suits your needs.


3. Construction

Once approved, our certified electricians professionally install your new home solar system.


4. Data Monitoring

After installation, we continually monitor your system to make sure it is functioning properly, and that you're getting the maximum benefits of going solar. You will have access to those same live energy

production stats through a smartphone app.




Recommend for solar panel installation. Knowledgeable, professional and hard working. Happy to have chosen Porter Electric for our solar job.

How do solar panels work?


Solar panels absorb the suns light and separate electrons from atoms using photons. This process converts the sun light into direct current (DC) electricity. As most structures run on alternating currents, an inverter is used to convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) electricity.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?


By producing your own energy you can cut back, or even eliminate the electricity portion of your utility bill. Depending on your rate and use, this can add up to thousands of dollars per year. You might also qualify for federal and state incentives that could put additional thousands back into your pocket in the first year.

How is the solar array mapped out?


The solar array size is designed based off of your wants and needs with the space provided. The best place to start is with you electricity usage from the previous 12 months. This can typically be found on your most recent utility bill. 

Will my grid-tied solar array power my home when the grid power is down?


No. For the safety of the linemen working on the power lines, you will not be allowed to produce energy that feeds back to the grid while the grid power is down. You will need a battery backup or another type of generator, at additional cost, to maintain power.

If you want to provide your home in Central, IL, with clean energy, contact us here at Porter Electric by calling (309) 241-5306! Our team of highly skilled and reliable electricians are ready to provide you with residential solar panels!

Residential Solar Panel Installation in Central, IL