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From adding a fan to the patio to a panel box upgrade for your home, Porter Electric is ready to help! Our licensed and highly-trained professionals handle each repair with care and with the utmost attention to detail. When you work with us we guarantee professionalism and dedicated service.


Our Residential Services Include

  • Panel Box Upgrades

  • New Construction

  • Rewiring

  • Inspections

  • Outdoor Lighting

  • Outlet Replacement

  • Panel Replacements

  • Switch and Panel Work

  • Cables

  • Electrical Upgrades

  • Additions

  • And More!


Licensed and Trained Union Electricians

It is important to get an electrical inspection when you are selling or purchasing a home. Our technicians will carefully inspect the home, detect any issues or areas that could lead to future problems, and provide remediation and repairs to bring the house to code. We understand that the selling and purchasing process can be fast-paced, that is why we make sure our professionals can handle your repair quickly so you can move forward.


Pool and Spa Services Include

  • Grounding and bonding of all pool and spa equipment

  • Installation of GFCI outlet for pump

  • Wiring a pool pump

  • Wiring a heater

  • Wiring a salt generator

  • Pool lights

  • Sub panel placement

  • Making sure your pool is up to the National Electrical Code (NEC)

Fuse Panels


More and more homeowner insurance providers are denying claims to houses that still have fuse panels. During operation, we find that homeowner’s blow fuses and replace the blown fuse with any fuse available. This makes it impossible for the typical homeowner to know which fuse is supposed to be installed on each circuit without opening the panel and exposing themselves to live electricity. An over-fused circuit will allow the under-sized wiring in the walls and ceilings to become super heated, possibly melting and starting combustible materials like wood and insulation to catch fire. A distinct advantage of a circuit breaker is that a tripped circuit can be reset without the possibility of being replaced improperly.

Does my pool need to be GFCI protected?


YES. According to the NEC, “All 125V receptacles located within 20 ft of the inside walls of the water shall be GFCI protected” (NEC CODE Article 680 - Swimming Pool Installations, Mike Holt Enterprises).


One of the most common questions homeowners wanting a service upgrade ask is “Should I install a 100 amp or 200 amp service?” The right answer will most likely require speaking to a licensed electrician about the homes current and future power needs. One of the items that is easy to identify is how many 240 volt circuits are needed. Electric dryer, electric range, electric furnace, electric water heater, hot tub, and a pool can add up quickly. If your home has 3 or more of these items, or you plan to add any of these items in the future, you should consider upgrading to a 200 amp service. If all of the large appliances run off natural gas, a 100 amp service is most likely sufficient.

100 AMPS vs 200 AMPS

What is Pool Bonding?


The electrical needed to power a pool system can be very dangerous, if not deadly, if not wired correctly. The bonding process involves connecting the electrical and metal components together with a wire, creating a non-resistive path, to prevent an electrical current from passing through the water in the pool.


We have provided countless repairs to residential customers throughout our community. To request a free estimate or to schedule an electrical service for your home, call Porter Electric at 309-241-5306 .

Schedule a Service Upgrade Today!

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